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Longsword Focus on Collection

Lesson 1: A "collection" is an outcome from a crossing of swords where the attacker's sword is channeled down the length of weapon into the defender's cross, thus giving the defender a strong gaining position that can be used to launch a counter-attack or enter to wrestle. In this lesson you will learn how to use posta longa to collect.

Lesson 2: Though longa is a powerful collecting guard it has two weaknesses that can be exploited by the opponent: 1. It requires space to operate, if the opponent is very close it is nearly impossible to bring the point onto line to collect, 2. It offers the debole of the sword which the opponent could seek to control. In this lesson we'll look at the use of Posta Frontale as an alternative collecting guard that works to cover these potential weaknesses.

Lesson 3: This lesson focuses on what can be done from Posta Frontale when we decide to keep contact with our opponent's sword instead of expelling it.

Lesson 4: The final guard we examine in our topic on collection is Finestra. Through Finestra we can create a secure and broad defense of the body against descending blows and safely collect the opponent's weapon in the cross.

Prerequisite: Longsword Fundamentals I, II, III
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