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Receiving Gioco Largo with Longsword

In Receiving the patiente (responder) sets the tone of the engagement by presenting a giocco largo position to the agente (initiator) and waiting for the agente to come to measure. In Receiving the patiente seeks to:

  1. Strike in primo tempo as the agente steps to measure.
  2. Strike in dui tempi against an invited attack from the agente. This can be accomplished via parries, deflections and collections.
  3. Constrain or engage the agente at misura larga or larghissima and wait for an opportunity to strike in contra tempo.

Giocco Largo True Fight

Take a giocco largo guard in one of the four quadrants and wait for the opponent to approach.

  1. Opponent steps to measure without cover -> As they step, strike them in primo tempo along a line that covers their sword based on their guard.
  2. Opponent attacks (having arrived safely in measure or from out of measure) -> Respond to the attack using one of the 5 winnings and counter-attack.

Note: If you stringere the opponent’s position by bringing your sword forward you have switched from a giocco largo to a giocco stretto strategy. Except in places where you place a low cover over a low sword in which case you have pre-emptively made a crossing with your opponent and you then respond using the pressure rules.

Changing Between Approaching and Receiving

As with our other weapons moving between approaching and receiving is a fluid operation in combat. If you are waiting for the opponent and decide to attack into an opening, you have moved from a receiving to an approaching strategy and must proceed accordingly.

Prerequisite: Longsword Fundamentals I, II, III
Related: Approaching Gioco Largo, Receiving Gioco Stretto

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