Sidesword Assalti

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We begin with a look at core mechanics of the sidesword. Power generation, body alignment, union of forces, and a good tactical foundation are necessary to wield this weapon well and approach the later content we’ll be learning.

To graduate to the Red Cord (our third rank) we require that all students demonstrate a proficient and intentional solo presentation of Marozzo’s First Assault. This particular assault features a very interesting and challenge mix of cover positions and sequences of attacks. Start slow, build precision, then build speed.

The Second Assault, which we’re starting on this week, includes a greater selection of rising attacks as well as combined actions that assault inside and outside, high and low. These assaults are ideal teachers of complex actions where one intention flows quickly and fluidly into the next.

Prerequisites: Cutting Attacks & Defenses
Related: Mechanics & Cutting, Guards & Progression

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