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Sidesword Mechanics

Lessons 1 & 2: We are focusing on powerful cutting mechanics with a single handed sword. We will explore how to properly connect the large muscles of our body to the swing of our weapon while maintaining the proper order of operations that sends the sword first across the distance to our opponent.

Lessons 3 & 4: The shield has two jobs: protect the body by projecting outward toward the opponent, and protect the sword hand/arm as it comes forward to strike. We explore making cuts around the shield and moving the shield around our cuts.

Lessons 5 & 6: We look at how to strike to various lines and targets and how to approach striking at multiple targets and moving targets.

Lessons 7 & 8: We learn the core parries of the sidesword, how to make them and how to counter-attack from them.

Prerequisites: Cutting Attacks & Defenses
Related: Guards & Progression

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