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Longsword Fundamentals

  • Intro, Cutting & Postures (LSW-050)
  • Thrusting, Blade Control & Footwork (LSW-055)
  • Timing, Defense & Sparring (LSW-060)
  • Longsword Fundamentals Certificate

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Rapier Fundamentals

  • Intro, Postures & Lunging (RAP-050)
  • Footwork & Blade Control (RAP-055)
  • Timing & Sparring (RAP-060)
  • Rapier Fundamentals Certificate

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Longsword Apprentice

  • Forms & Guards of Longsword (LSW-100)
  • Approaching Gioco Stretto with Longsword (LSW-110)
  • Receiving Gioco Stretto with Longsword (LSW-120)
  • Longsword Grappling I (LSW-130)
  • Receiving Gioco Largo with Longsword (LSW-140)
  • Approaching Gioco Largo with Longsword (LSW-150)

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Rapier Apprentice

  • Receiving Mechanics with Rapier (RAP-100)
  • Receiving Strategy with Rapier (RAP-105)
  • Approaching Mechanics with Rapier (RAP-120)
  • Approaching Strategy with Rapier (RAP-125)
  • Cutting Attacks & Defences with Rapier (RAP-160)

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