Attacking to Near and Far Targets

Measurement of Distance

Awareness of distance is one of the most important aspects of combat. It is essential that you know when you are able to strike your opponent, and how to do so. It is equally important to know whether you are at risk of attack. To help you develop this skill, we use specific pre-defined distances we call “measures” (the word for measure in Italian is “misura”). An attack can be delivered from each measure by using a specific set of footwork. Beginners start by learning the following measures and attacking footwork:

  • Misura Stretta / Narrow Measure – Can strike by going into the offensive posture and shifting your hips forward.
  • Misura Larga / Wide Measure – Can strike by going into the offensive posture and conducting a lunge with a step of the front foot.
  • Fuori Misura / Out of Measure – Too far away to strike or be struck with a lunge.

The full length of any person’s attack is altered by the length of their sword, arm, their flexibility and the distance between their feet. It’s important to recognize that, because of this, each person’s measures will be slightly different. It also means that with practice they can be increased.

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  1. maurizio.natta says:

    Hi, I make this a private comment as I mean to help out and not being pedant. The caption of the third attack contains a typo: it should be “fuori misura” not “fuori mesura”. Please forgive the pedantry, my intent is just to help out 🙂

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