Rapier: What’s Next?

Congratulations on completing the Getting Started with Italian Rapier course! Through these lessons you’ve learned the basics of posture, attack and movement. Now you’re ready to start the journey of swordplay mastery.

Make Time To Practice Regularly

Every week, members of DTV receive weekly training exercises by email that can be done on your own or with a partner. These exercises are a great way to practice and build on what you’ve learned in this course.

Make anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of time each day to practice. Getting into a regular training rhythm, no matter how small, is the most important part of gaining skill. If you miss a few days, don’t sweat it, just get started again.

Continue Your Rapier Studies

Rapier Fundamentals I-II-III
Rapier Fundamentals I-II-III

This course is only the beginning. The Rapier Fundamentals courses are available to all members at the Scholars or Masters Club level. Upgrade today to begin a more in-depth study of this sword. The course comes in three parts and includes:

  • Mechanics of powerful and effective attacks
  • The four guard postures of the rapier
  • How to attack at different distances and to create openings
  • How to defend and counter-attack
  • Controlling the opponent’s sword and keeping control of your own
  • Creating opportunities and how to strike when the opponent is vulnerable
  • Effectively bringing together attack and defense
  • Strategic domination of your opponent
  • Dozens of mechanical and combative exercises, plus guidance on sparring conditioning and more…

After you complete this course there are more than 400 lesson videos available for subscribers that will bring you through the levels of Academie Duello’s system, from Apprentice to Master.


Try Out the Longsword

8 lessons, 15 min video

All of the principles that you’ve learned with the rapier apply to the medieval longsword as well. Check out the Getting Started with Longsword course to learn about the powerful, graceful, and effective sword of the knight.

Give Us Your Feedback

We’re always working to make our courses and lessons better. Please leave us a comment or send us a message with your feedback and let us know what you loved and what you think we could do even better.

One thought on “Rapier: What’s Next?

  1. heinbacalau says:

    Congratulations, just like the longsword introduction: very well done.
    I will practice these basic moves and get out to find a partner because fencing on your own does not make a lot of sense i guess.

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