Three Principles of Blade Control

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The Three Advantages

In this lesson we explore three principles that will give you advantage over your opponent’s sword when both of your swords are in contact. The three principles, sometimes called the “Three Advantages” are:

  • True Edge – Turning your true edge toward your opponent’s weapon aligns your arm and body in a structurally strong manner and stops your sword’s blade from bending.
  • Leverage – Placing the strong part of your blade into the weak part of your opponent’s blade gives you a mechanical advantage that you can use to push their sword aside.
  • Crossing – Being on top of your opponent’s sword stops them from striking you directly and makes your sword very difficult to push away.

Whenever you are attacking or defending you will always seek to have all three of these advantages. In that way you can safely move toward your opponent and protect yourself from their attacks. Finding these advantages is one of many reasons you should also send your sword ahead of your body.

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