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How to Learn from this Course

Congratulations on starting your first longsword course! We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we have enjoyed creating it. To get the most out of this course:

  • Make sure you have a sword-like-object to practice with. It can be as simple as a four foot long dowel, or you can purchase a wooden, steel, or practice training longsword from many online retailers.
  • Follow along with each lesson video, take the quiz challenge, and follow the practice assignment instructions. You can repeat a lesson as many times as you want.
  • Everything is broken up into small pieces so you can learn easily, even if you have a tight schedule. It’s more important to build a regular rhythm of training than it is to train for long periods of time.
  • Most of the exercises in this course can be done alone, but if you have a friend to practice with you can explore the lessons a little bit more thoroughly.
  • If you have any questions post them in the comments and we’ll make sure you get an answer from us or an informed member of our community.

Let’s get started!

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