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A Tactical Breakdown of Marozzo’s First Assault – Part 5
The fifth part of this assault strongly features the stramazzone, using it in a variety of ways

Rapier: Four Stramazzone & Thrust

Longsword: Stramazzone Four Cuts

Scanatura with Sword & Buckler
A mini-lesson on the spiralling transport known as the “scanatura”. Learn how to use the scanatura to strike high after a low parry or capture and transport an opponent when they try to thrust around your defense.

Rapier Sparring – Scanatura
A sparring demonstration of the “scanatura” as depicted in plate 13 the 1610 rapier manual of Ridolfo Capo Ferro.

Rapier Sparring – Tempos
In this series of rapier bouts between M. Devon Boorman and FS Ben Davis, each tempo and opportunity is slowed down and captioned to help you understand what these moments look like.

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