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Excited about HEMA?

We’ll make you an expert in Historical European Martial Arts. Become masterfully trained in longsword, rapier, sidesword, dagger, polearms, and unarmed combat.

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Online Swordplay Courses

Take online swordplay courses that feature video lessons, quizzes, practice notes and discussion. Pick up where you left off anytime and use the courses from any device.

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Who We Are

Devon Boorman

Devon BoormanDevon is a world renowned international instructor and competitor of Historical European Martial Arts. He has been practicing and teaching martial arts for more than 30 years. He is the author of one book and two DVDs on Italian Rapier and Longsword; and he is the Director and Master Instructor of Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay in Vancouver, BC, the largest centre for the practice of European Martial Arts in the world.

Greg Reimer

Greg ReimerGreg Reimer has been studying Italian martial arts since 2006, and has taught over 5,500 hours to students in unarmed, dagger, rapier (and secondaries), sidesword & buckler, longsword, pole weapons and mounted combat. He has travelled across Western Canada and into Washington State to meet, teach and enjoy sparring with other sword fighters.

 TEDxEastVan: Swordplay and the Lost Art of Knighthood

Academie Duello

Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay is the largest centre for the practice of European Martial Arts in the world.

Academie Duello has one of the most complete and expertly constructed swordplay curriculums in the world providing a proven program that takes students from beginners to masters. Over the past 15 years more than 10,000 students have taken courses at Academie Duello and many of those students have gone on to form satellite schools and study groups in cities all over the world.


Puck Curtis

Devon and the Academie Duello are producing top caliber martial artists.

Puck Curtis

Bev Tanseco

I learn and improve not only in swordplay but with some introspection, about myself too – how I respond to certain situations, how I cope, how I interact, improving self-esteem, improving tolerance and patience, respect, discipline and so much more.

Bev Tanseco

Grand Master Mark Mikita

As a lifelong martial artist with 50 years of dedicated training, I recommend Devon Boorman and Academie Duello, and I do so strongly. Students are privileged to have access to such a great school. If you have the fire to learn, don’t wait to begin.

Grand Master Mark Mikita

Luis Preto

Devon Boorman is a highly experienced and very sound martial artist. His intelligence coupled with an uncommon open mindedness allows for intellectually honest and very practical discussions of martial concepts as well as their teaching.

Luis Preto

For the Beginner

We offer progressive, structured, step-by-step instruction in the graceful rapier, powerful longsword, knife, grappling, poleweapons, and more.

  Longsword: cutting down from the right

  Rapier: the mechanics of a lunge

  Sidesword: making parries against cuts

Learn more about the weapons and disciplines of HEMA

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We like free. That’s why we’ve put together these lessons from our excellent Fundamentals course series as a quick start to get you up and running.

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For the Expert

We'll help you become a practitioner who can put theory into practice and practice into theory.

From Beginner to Master
Wherever you are in your journey, we'll help you develop an enviable level of expertise and ability through rigorous programs that help you develop your dominance while giving you a rich and explicit understanding of the art.
Our Focus is Martial Art
Combative dominance comes through complete martial understanding. We'll teach you how to move and fight effectively, create training plans, build physical ability, and tactically own your opponents.
  Advanced Longsword: countering high guards

  Advanced Sidesword: feint provocations

  Advanced Rapier: using forte guards

You'll learn not just how to master one discipline but how to master a complete martial art that includes two-handed and single handed swords, polearms, grappling, dagger, knife, and armoured combat.

Course Progression from Fundamentals to Master

Weapons: Rapier or Longsword. Principles: foundational vocabulary and techniques. This material will pave the way for long-term study and set you on the path to Mastery.

Weapons: Rapier and Unarmed -OR- Longsword and Unarmed. Principles: Familiar with body mechanics, distance, and control. Achievement: the Apprentice level comes with the completion of the test at the end of one of our two primary beginner programs.

Weapons: Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Sidesword, and Unarmed -OR- Longsword and Half-swording, Sidesword, and Unarmed. Principles: Angle, line, cutting mechanics, timing and proportion. Achievement: students progress from Apprentice to Scholar in 9-24 months of training.

Weapons: Rapier and Secondaries, Sidesword and Secondaries, Longsword, Polearms, Dagger, and Unarmed. Principles: Timing, tempo, power generation, strategy, and tactics. Achievement: average, students progress from Scholar to Free Scholar in 1.5-3 years of training.

  • Martial Prowess Trial
  • Historical Research Trial
  • Community Contribution Trial
Weapons: Rapier, Rapier Secondaries, Sidesword, Longsword, Polearms, Dagger, and Unarmed. Principles: Centres and tempo. Provosts are expected to be highly proficient in the system of arms, able to diversely apply its principles, and be able to challenge its implementation to build and grow the art. Achievement: under the guidance of the Supervising Master, a Provost completes a series of trials in the areas of research, teaching, and martial prowess to achieve their Master level.

Continue Your Journey of Excellence
Masterful in the application of the system of arms. Able to proficiently apply their skills across all disciplines armed and unarmed. Able to pass the art on to others at a high level and to innovate and grow its practice at Academie Duello and for the Italian Martial Arts community as a whole.

Our Values

Learn more as Maestro Devon Boorman talks about Duello's vision for the art, the values, and the journey of martial arts mastery.

  Watch Now: Our Arts

  Watch Now: Our Values

  Watch Now: The Journey of Mastery

  Watch Now: The Requirements of Mastery

  Watch Now: The Stages of Mastery

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