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Structured learning is a great way to build a solid foundation, add skills, and establish a long-term practice. DuelloTV’s online swordplay courses contain high quality, individual step-by-step topic videos. Progress through multiple skill levels in a wide variety of disciplines. Pay month-to-month, cancel anytime.

Quizzes, practice notes, discussion and self-assessments are available in the Premium Courses.

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I enjoy the fact I always seem to be improving on what I just learnt; I find it is the challenge of perfecting the curriculum that keeps me coming back, plus I find that I am learning something new every class.

Marli Vlok

Devon and the Academie Duello are producing top caliber martial artists.

Premium Course Packs for a One-time Fee

Access premium course packs with a one-time purchase of only $299 each. You’ll get lifetime access to an entire group of courses. Each course includes step-by-step video instruction, quizzes, discussion and practice notes.

Longsword Fundamentals

  • Intro, Cutting & Postures (LSW-050)
  • Thrusting, Blade Control & Footwork (LSW-055)
  • Timing, Defense & Sparring (LSW-060)
  • Longsword Fundamentals Certificate

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Rapier Fundamentals

  • Intro, Postures & Lunging (RAP-050)
  • Footwork & Blade Control (RAP-055)
  • Timing & Sparring (RAP-060)
  • Rapier Fundamentals Certificate

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Over a dozen Basic Course Packs are also available that contain all of the great video lesson content of the premium packs at a reduced price.