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Schools and Groups

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Affiliate Schools  A school offering Academie Duello programs as part of its curriculum. This school may operate under its own mandate, is aligned with Academie Duello’s values and agrees to the requirements of the Affiliate Charter. All instruction of Academie Duello programs within this organization is lead by a certified Academie Duello Journeyman Instructor or higher.
Study Groups  A group devoted to learning and pursuing mastery in Academie Duello’s martial program through distance learning. This group can exist on its own or within an existing school. It is locally facilitated by a certified Academie Duello Student Guide. Support and guidance is provided through yearly seminars, monthly facilitator meetings, and connection to the Academie Duello material through Duello.TV.

Book an Instructor for Your Group

If you really want to forward your practice of the art, in-person instruction is vital. You can bring a certified Academie Duello instructor to where you are to run a single or multi-day seminar, private instruction for small groups, or instruction for you alone.

We will work with you to create a custom curriculum that is of the highest value to you and your group based on your experience level and goals.

Sessions can include:

  • Beginner fundamentals of any of our core weapons.
  • Body mechanics, strategic and tactical training for refining existing skills.
  • Advanced techniques and strategies, use of secondaries, and inter-weapon skills.
  • Teaching and coaching skills.
  • Assessment, certification, and examination for Academie Duello technical and instruction levels.