Receiving the Opponent (Rapier Apprentice)

"Come at me yo!"

This month’s curriculum allows us to explore being the fencer who sits and waits, setting a trap and letting the opponent come to them. Playing the receiving game is so much fun but you have to be diligent because if you fall asleep you may regret it.
We will also continue to explore some of Fabris’ guards at the end of each class. Our text comes from Tom Leoni’s translation (Fabris ( and I will post a picture of the guard we will be covering each week (pictures from Guy Windsor).

Full disclosure, sometimes we get side-tracked in class so apologies if the video turns out a little different than expected. If you do have any questions regarding content that we missed or even content that we covered, shoot me a message and I’ll try my best to address it, either in the discussion forum or even better in the next week’s class.

Acknowledgement of Safety and Risk

  1. Practice all exercises slowly and with control.
  2. Practice using training swords that are not sharp and are specifically made for practice.
  3. Use protective gear for all exercises. In many of our videos we are not wearing head, throat or body protection in order to make clear explanation more possible. You should always use protective gear when practicing these arts regardless of the exercise.
  4. Be aware that injuries in training are always possible. Ensure that you are practicing with care and caution at all times.
  5. DuelloTV is not responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of sword practice inspired from our videos.

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