Always staying On Guard with Longsword

En Garde!
The Sword with two hands section of The Flower of Battle immediately greets readers with discussions on the various guards. Fiore dei Liberi most likely structured it this way because it is inevitable to recognize the importance of these positions and how they play a vital role in everything that follows from plays, cuts, thrusts, and everything in between. This month, we will challenge ourselves to understand as many longsword guards out there, from basic to advanced, how each of them is used, and practice flow patterns to help us remember and easily access them when needed so we can always stay “on guard”.

Acknowledgement of Safety and Risk

  1. Practice all exercises slowly and with control.
  2. Practice using training swords that are not sharp and are specifically made for practice.
  3. Use protective gear for all exercises. In many of our videos we are not wearing head, throat or body protection in order to make clear explanation more possible. You should always use protective gear when practicing these arts regardless of the exercise.
  4. Be aware that injuries in training are always possible. Ensure that you are practicing with care and caution at all times.
  5. DuelloTV is not responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of sword practice inspired from our videos.

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