Spear Control & Deception

Explore the use of the spear to both constrain and deceive your opponent.

The spear’s length gives it a tremendous amount of ability to control the offensive space and to deceive an opponent about its intentions. In this series you’ll explore how to control, provoke, and deceive an opponent with both thrusts and cuts of the spear.

Acknowledgement of Safety and Risk

  1. Practice all exercises slowly and with control.
  2. Practice using training swords that are not sharp and are specifically made for practice.
  3. Use protective gear for all exercises. In many of our videos we are not wearing head, throat or body protection in order to make clear explanation more possible. You should always use protective gear when practicing these arts regardless of the exercise.
  4. Be aware that injuries in training are always possible. Ensure that you are practicing with care and caution at all times.
  5. DuelloTV is not responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of sword practice inspired from our videos.

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