Assessment: Longsword Apprentice

ABR-100 Abrazare I

  • Creating and Breaking Structure
  • Footwork
  • Collar and Elbow Position and Movement
  • Three Go-behinds
  • Using the Three Turns of the Body
  • Push and Pull
  • Using the Three Keys
  • Using the Four Poste

LSW-100 Longsword Forms & Guards

LSW-110 Approaching Gioco Stretto

LSW-120 Receiving Gioco Stretto

LSW-130 Grappling I

LSW-140 Receiving Gioco Largo

LSW-150 Approaching Gioco Largo

Combat Application

  • Using the Guards in Freeplay
  • Self-control during Freeplay at Speed 3
  • Self-control during Freeplay at Speed 5
  • Controlling the Centre
  • Moving Forward to Maintain Control
  • Moving Backward to Recover Control
  • Striking in Tempo and Proportion

Knowledge & Theory

  • Read and demonstrate an understanding of Fiore dei Liberi’s work in the Getty: 1) The introduction, and 2) Sword in two hands section to end of the 12 poste.