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Reveal Your Martial Weaknesses to Improve

The more secrets under your belt, the easier it is to stay on top. But this is a limited view that keeps you from truly expanding your ability as a martial artist.

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News & Updates

30-for-30 Swordplay Challenge Recap

Throughout the month of January students of the sword from around the world challenged themselves to build the habit of swordplay training with 30 minutes per day of swordplay practice.

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50% OFF Fundamentals Course Packs until Sept 22

   September often starts the beginnings of new studies, and we’re making it easier to get yourself deeper into your swordplay training. Until September 22nd, we’re offering 50% off of unlimited access to our Fundamentals Course Packs! One purchase will get you lifetime access to these incredible resources. Use coupon: Fundamentals50s These packs offer dozens of […]

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30 for 30 Swordplay Challenge 2019!

On January 2nd, join hundreds of martial arts practitioners from around the world in a swordplay and European martial arts training challenge!

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Why Fight Light? Using Less Gear When Sparring

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A bulk of medieval and renaissance fighting manuals depict swordplay in shirts, jerkins, or gambesons, generally with light gloves, with both two handed and one handed weapons. These are often presented alongside depictions of combat in full armour.

The 5 Minutes Per Day Practice Regimen

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Rhythm is the most important thing to cultivate on the path to mastery. Whether you leverage our online course or simply get started with your own practice ritual, start making those little steps. Five minutes of real practice time honours your commitment more than hours of good intentions.

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If You’re Tired, Practice Tired

Be mindful about how you use your energy. Be efficient about your movements. Only do what you need to do and remember that distance between you and your opponent is your friend.

Optimal Training and Learning Effectiveness

I’m often asked how one should divide up their training and learning time for optimal effectiveness. Every training activity can be divided into further divisions and there are good and bad strategies for all of them.

Reasons to Practice Martial Art

Martial Arts have meant many things to me over time. Here are some of the outcomes I feel are found within the HEMA disciplines we practice at Academie Duello.

Beware Becoming a Slave to Praise

It can feel wonderful to receive praise. But these types of compliments may be programming you to avoid risk and seek approval.

My Thoughts on Sparring and Martial Arts

I was turned on by sparring right away. Win or lose, I loved the environment, I loved the contact, and being able to truly test my skills with a weapon that allowed me to practice a large percentage of its deadly techniques in a safe, non-injurious manner. Yet for all the rewards that sparring can offer it can also be a destructive force in one’s pursuit of a martial art.

Use goals to check up on yourself, not beat up on yourself

One of the core reasons to set goals and work to achieve them is to build happiness, fulfillment, and sense of self. But if you’re using your goals to beat yourself up or hold yourself back, you’d do better to change your strategy regarding goals.

Compassionate Demand: Pushing your boundaries and enjoying it

If you want to become an excellent practitioner of something (and that is a worthy goal), then you are going to need to call on yourself to do something you can’t yet do and keep asking for the yet-unreachable again and again.

Setting goals, fencing and otherwise

Goals are something that are always on my mind in one form or another. Sometimes I forget them for a time, get lost into the activities themselves, or just find myself drifting along, but I can’t go far without popping my head up and wondering where I am and where I’m going.

Enjoy yourself: Reasons one should savour the learning experience

Our emotional state while learning has a dramatic effect on our brain’s readiness to absorb new information, act creatively, and retain new content.

Getting it Right by Doing Things Wrong

A sometimes-heard phrase around the Academie is “doing things wrong will help you figure out when something’s right.” This is an often-understood but rarely appreciated concept.

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