Testimonial Request

How has DuelloTV helped you? Has it

  • Motivated you to become active?
  • Taught you essential swordplay techniques?
  • Connected fundamentals with more advanced concepts and applications?
  • Given you language to describe and communicate your art and your practice?
  • Showed you the value of deep understanding and detailed analysis?

We have lots of raving fans, but because DuelloTV is a special product we could always stand to hear more about how it has affected you. Would you be willing to provide a testimonial about your experience with DuelloTV and your positive experiences with our online courses, blog posts, mini-lessons or other resources. It doesn’t have to be too involved, here are a couple of examples:

“The DuelloTV daily drills and blog posts have been essential for my development as a practitioner and have taken me from a novice to someone who really knows how to use a sword. Thank you.”
Nancy Fuller

“Thanks for all your hard work in making an online resource that has helped me develop as a martial artist and a teacher, every, single, day.”
Tom Boucher

Can you give us a testimonial about learning with DuelloTV? Thanks in advance!