The Defensive Combat Posture

Forming the Defensive Posture

Rapier postures, also called “guards”, are optimized positions designed to reduce the targets that are easily accessible to your opponent while placing your weapon in a position that allows it to both defend and attack quickly. Because of this they are very athletic and take practice to feel comfortable.

The core principles of the defensive posture are:

  • Keep the head and chest safe by pulling them away from the opponent.
  • Reduce the size of the body as a target by profiling the chest and hips.
  • Protect the body by having the sword in a central place.
  • Protect the leg by having it mostly straight, and not bent.
    Having very little weight on this leg also means it can be pulled away quickly, if needed.
  • Have the back leg bent so that it is storing power that can be used to powerfully push the body forward in an attack.

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