Follow Your Partner’s Movement

The Mirror Movement Exercise

The goal of this exercise is to practice good footwork and judgement of measure. Side A is trying to stay out of the measure of Side B. Side B is challenging Side A with varied footwork and effective attacking.

  1. Side B places themselves in misura larga and strikes Side A with a lunge.
  2. Side A observes Side B to understand the length of their misura larga.
  3. Side A steps one step back from the misura larga of Side B. Side B recovers their lunge.
  4. Side B now moves backward and forward, challenging Side A.
  5. Side A attempts to maintain the exact same distance (one step outside of misura larga).
  6. The drill leader (or the Side B partner) calls “Lunge!”
  7. Side A and B freeze in place. Side B conducts a lunge.
    If Side A is struck, they were too close.
    If Side A is more than one foot step out of measure, they are too far.
  8. Side A adjusts their measures so they are one step outside of the misura larga of Side B and the drill continues.
  9. After having called “Lunge!” three to five times, the drill leader calls “Switch!” and the participants change roles.

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