How to Hold the Rapier

Get a Grip

The connection that you make with your sword is central to your ability to maneuver your weapon and transmit force from your body to your intended target. A good grip with your sword allows you to:

  1. Support the sword with one finger.
    Simply by having your finger hooked over the ricasso and the handle under the heel of your hand you can keep your point on target.
  2. Connect the bones of your arm through to the true edge.
    Having the weapon under your arm means that you can push with your entire body into the true edge of your sword.
  3. Resist downward force.
    If someone is pushing down on your sword the handle should push up into your hand making it harder to push your weapon away or disarm you.

The ideal rapier grip is relaxed yet firm. It takes time, practice, and the development of strength in your hand to reach this ideal. Don’t rush. Keep working on perfecting your connection with your sword and eventually you will.


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