Moving to Prepare an Attack

Forming the Offensive Posture

The offensive posture allows you to extend your weapon toward your opponent while protecting your face and chest behind the hilt of your sword. All of your other targets are protected by being withheld from the opponent.

A few tips for the offensive posture:

  • When you go from the defensive posture into the offensive posture, make sure you start by extending your sword, not by moving your head forward.
  • Keep your hips in place and your back leg bent throughout the transition, don’t allow the back leg to straighten.
  • Look down your blade like you would down the back of a rifle. Your head should be tucked in behind your sword so that your eyes look down the length of your sword, through the rings of your hilt, down the blade to the point, and then beyond to your opponent.
  • Keep your back straight and extend from your arm, shoulders, and flank.

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