12(ish) Days of Dagger

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Coming January 2019, this page will transform into a weekly training hub for Scholars Club and Masters Club subscribers. Follow the videos and the lesson plans week-by-week through Fundamentals and Apprentice curriculum.

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Welcome to the 12(ish) Days of DTV Dagger

Visit DTV each day to see the list of dagger videos get longer and longer.

All the best of the season to everyone from DuelloTV! The usual school curriculum is on break until January 7, 2019. Until then please enjoy these complementary training videos on our extensive dagger training courses. (Available year-round to all Scholars Club and Masters Club subscribers.)

Dagger Self-Defense

Course home: Dagger Masters 1-3 | Dagger Masters 4-6 | Dagger Masters 7-9

1. Attacks

2. Mechanics

3. First Master, Part I

4. First Master, Part II

5. Third Master

6. Second Master

7. Fourth Master

8. Fifth Master, Part I

9. Fifth Master, Part II

10. Sixth Master

11. Seventh Master

12. Eighth Master

13. Ninth Master

Rapier and Dagger

Course home: Rapier with Dagger II

1. Joined Positions

2. Guard Transitions

3. Open Position Parries

4. Closed Position Parries

5. Sesta (Sixth) Guard

6. Quinta (Fifth) Guard

7. Tempo Plays, Inside

8. Tempo Plays, Outside

9. Defenses Against Cuts

10. Dagger Strikes

11. Dagger Strikes II

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