Four Ways to Get Back to Enjoyment and Out of Criticality

Practicing does not always mean “working on”. It’s important to give yourself time with passions and skills in your life to just simply indulge in the activity. It’s vital to give yourself time simply to feed your enjoyment. This helps you remember why you do this thing in the first place, and can give you energy for further training later—if that’s your desire.

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Three Types of Practice

The more knowledge you gain, the more aware you are of what you do not know. The more ability and awareness of that ability you have, the more you can become aware of your flaws. Here are three approaches to an old training problem.

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Pain and Glee: Enjoying Your Training

Many are afraid that if they really enjoy themselves they’ll lose their edge. Yet I do think there is much more to be gained from the type of joy that is equated with growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction.