Looking Like a Fool

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Even brand new students who’ve never held a sword before share experiences of feeling like they look stupid at their first class. Many resist ever having a first class because of this.

2 thoughts on “Looking Like a Fool

  1. As a newbie to Duello and HEMA in general, I appreciate this. What you’re saying here doesn’t just apply to swordplay – that’s any new skill. We’re always self-critical, and the fear of looking like a fool can even affect those of us who know these things to be true. Heck, I had a hard time even trying to explain HEMA to my family, let alone practice it with anyone else around. But I’m glad to be starting this journey, and appreciate your words of encouragement.

    • devonboorman says:

      I’m glad that the encouragement is useful. All of this comes from my own experiences of being self-critical so you’re in good company!

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