Online Longsword Course, Starts April 1

One thing I advocate regularly is how important rhythm is to success. The more that you can make swordplay a habit in your life (even a small one), the easier it is to create meaningful long-term improvements in your abilities. But getting into that rhythm can be challenging.

Helping people build the habit of mastery is the goal behind our very first co-operative online course. We want to bring together practitioners from all over the world to learn and level-up their longsword skills all together at the same time.

Not that interested in the “Italian” school? No problem. This course presents foundational longsword combat training that any student from any school or tradition can find useful, practical and informative.

Starting April 1 2018, over six weeks, you’ll be guided through the entire Longsword Fundamentals series (I-II-III) of courses along with your peers.

Each week you’ll have a prescribed plan:

  • watch the video lessons for that week
  • complete each lesson’s brief quiz challenge
  • complete each lesson’s practice challenge (solo or paired)
  • submit a 1-minute video of the assigned technique, and make helpful comments on other students’ submissions

The course moves from fundamentals of cutting and body mechanics through to blade control and combative strategy. There is useful content for all levels of experience and an opportunity to receive feedback from peers and Duello experts. Estimate around 2 hours per week to complete the course material. You’ll also get two extra weeks at the end to catch up on missed assignments.

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We’re looking forward to seeing you on April 1st!

Devon & Greg