Rapier Free Scholar + Polearms Course Pack

$199.00 USD

Lifetime access to the following courses

  • Striking Tempos with Rapier
  • Unorthodox Postures with Rapier
  • Attacks and Defenses with Poleaxe
  • Quarterstaff Fundamentals


Course Packs: a one-time fee gives you lifetime access to an entire group of courses.

DuelloTV’s online interactive courses contain high quality, individual step-by-step topic videos. Track your progress as you make your way through each course, and pick up where you left off last time you visited the site.

Access the following courses in this pack

26 Topics 45 Minutes of Video

Striking Tempos with Rapier

41 Topics 79 Minutes of Video

Unorthodox Postures with Rapier

30 Topics 50 Minutes of Video

Quarterstaff Fundamentals