Longsword Fundamentals Program Schedule

8-week Full Program

Complete the entire Longsword Fundamentals series of courses in eight weeks. Set aside two hours per week to cover the course requirements:

  • watch the topic videos
  • practice what you’ve seen
  • complete the topic quizzes
  • read through and follow along with the practice notes and training advice
  • complete the self-assessments with guide video
  • ask a question or contribute to a discussion

Convenient links are provided so you can jump straight to the relevant section of the course.

Week 1


  • Introduction to the Italian Longsword
  • Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay
  • Welcome, Equipment, How to Use these Videos
  • Two Tenets

The Longsword in Hand

  • The Anatomy of the Longsword
  • Maneuvering the Longsword

Week 2

The Cut

  • Cutting Mechanics: Fendente / Roverso Sottano
  • Roverso Fendente / Mandritto Sottano Falso
  • X Cuts: Downward
  • X Cuts: Upward
  • Mezzano: Mandritto / Roverso
  • Six Cut Progression

Week 3


  • Introduction to Quadrants, Centreline & Poste
  • Primary: Posta di Donna, Dente al Cinghiara, Porta di Ferro
  • Secondary: Finestra, Coda Longa, Cinghiara Mezzana
  • Centreline: Longa, Porta di Ferro Mezzana, Breve, Frontale

The Thrust

  • Posta Breve to Posta Longa
  • Cinghiara to Longa
  • Porta di Ferro to Longa
  • Finestra to Longa
  • Five Thrust Progression

Week 4

The Attack

  • Attacking a Target
  • Three Advantages
  • Intention Cutting
  • Intention Thrusting

Footwork and Measure

  • Five Measures
  • Out of Measure Footwork, How to Get into Range
  • Attacking at Larga
  • Attacking at Stretta
  • Attacking at Strettissima

Week 5


  • Introduction to Tempo
  • Primo Tempo
  • Mezzo Tempo
  • Due Tempi
  • Contro Tempo

Week 6

The Defense & Counter Attack

  • Defensive Principles
  • Five Ways of Winning the Crossing
  • Gioco Stretto, Gioco Largo
  • Introduction to Quadrant Defenses
  • Posta di Donna Right / Mandritto

Week 7

The Defense & Counter Attack (continued)

  • Posta di Donna Left / Roverso
  • Defending Against Rising Attacks
  • Defending Against Thrusts
  • Mixing the Quadrants
  • Finestra Recovery, Exit, Counter

Week 8

From Drilling to Combat

  • Anatomy of a Fight
  • Play Building
  • Introduction to Free Fencing
  • Scaling Speeds


  • Conclusion