Two Swords Charity Workshop

Thank you for contributing with your donation to help DuelloTV, Academie Duello and the Emergent Fund. Your support is making all the difference. I hope that you enjoy this content on wielding two weapons and use it to build your proficiency and passion in the art.

If you’re a Duello.TV subscriber, you can find more content on using Two-Swords including partner exercises and examples in the “Two Swords, Baton with Rapier/Sidesword” online course.

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Academie Duello’s SaveOurSwords GoFundMe supports the Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay in Vancouver, BC which has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and needs community support to survive. Funds help pay for staff, rent, administration, and the long process of re-opening and coming back to full strength. You can read more about the centre and campaign here:

The Emergent Fund: People’s Bailout is a charitable fund created to benefit workers and disadvantaged communities impacted by COVID-19 by providing direct financial assistance to the people. This fund has a particular focus on communities of colour and indigineous populations who have been most greatly impacted by the pandemic. Read more about the Emergent Fund and their initiatives here:

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