Longsword Apprentice Course Pack

$295.00 USD

Lifetime access to the following courses

  • Forms & Guards
  • Approaching Gioco Stretto
  • Receiving Gioco Stretto
  • Longsword Grappling I
  • Receiving Gioco Largo
  • Approaching Gioco Largo

Plus 2 bonus sessions:

  • Training Success Workshop
  • Instructor Skills Workshop


The Longsword Apprentice-to-Scholar Course Pack is a full training program that takes you from the fundamentals to a complete understanding of longsword fighting in the Duello Armizare system. Through this training you will:

  • Build a systematic understanding of the longsword in a way you can apply against a diversity of opponents
  • Learn solo and partner exercises for building fitness, body mechanics, and long-term health
  • Build effective training plans for yourself or your group that help you get better progressively
  • Give you teaching tools so you can train others and more effectively train yourself
  • Learn all of the skills of the Scholar level (rank 2 of 5) of the Duello Armizare system

Every course in the pack contains high quality, individual step-by-step topic videos. Track your progress as you make your way through each course, and pick up where you left off last time you visited the site.

And the awesome thing is that you’ll get lifetime access for one fee and it’s completely self-paced.

Six Progressive Courses Are Included

Get The Most Out of Your Training: Two Special Bonuses!

Purchase by October 10 to access these two special sessions live!

Training Success Workshop

We’ll bring you through the full system of Duello Armizare and how each piece fits together in the anatomy of the fight, within historical systems, and in the greater journey of mastery.

In this session we’ll give guidance on what goals to set and training plans to follow, how to approach each unit at the right pace for you, and how to get the most from ongoing coaching for you and your training partners.

Live Session: Sunday, October 24, 9am PDT – available on-demand after

Instructor Skills Workshop

One of the best ways to master any skill is to share it with others. In this special workshop we’ll dive into the nitty gritty of mechanics, pedagogy, teaching methods, and common student pitfalls so you can build your own expertise and the skills of those around you. Great for teachers and those who simply want to go deep into the nuts and bolts of the material.

Live Session: Sunday, November 7, 9am PDT – available on-demand after