Rapier Apprentice: Approaching the Opponent 3

RAP-120 5 Stringere

  1. Arriving at the Correct Measure when Approaching
  2. Exercise: Finding Misura Stretta
  3. Overview of Constraint, Invitation and Proportion
  4. Constraint and the Response to Increasing Pressure
  5. Exercise: Finding the Place and Constraining the Opponent
  6. Invitation to Open Lines and Targets
  7. Exercise: Combining Responses to Constraint and Invitation
  8. Mental Readiness and Tactical Responsiveness

RAP-120 6 Maintaining Control

  1. Acquiring Control from Out of Measure
  2. Maintaining Control at the Debole
  3. Maintaining Control at the Mezza Spada and Forte
  4. Exercise: Making the Correct Response
  5. Maintaining Control as the Opponent Retreats
  6. Exercises and Games to Practice Maintaining Control